Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

Al-Ahsa reviews its global files at the meeting of creative cities in Japan

The mayor of Al-Ahsa, Eng. Adel bin Mohammed Al-Mulhim,the Head of the Al-Ahsa Creative Delegation presented in the annual meeting of the member cities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in Kanazawa, Japan, In the presence of the Mayor of the city, Mr. "Yamano Yakyoshi" and the representatives of 30 countries around the world, a detailed presentation on the global and regional files obtained by Ahsa(Selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018, membership of the Creative Cities Network

Al-Ahsa at the UNESCO meeting, confirms the sustainability of arts and crafts globally

The Mayor of Al-Ahsa, the head of the delegation of Al-Ahsa creative Adel bin Mohammed Al-Melhem, said that Ahsa keen to achieve the drawings goals in the preservation of creativity in handicrafts and folklore at the local level, through several projects and programs, which worked to sustain creativity, Which has given Al Ahsa its achievements over the past four years. It is the member of the Creative Cities Network in 2015, the registration of Al-Ahsa Oasis as a World Heritage Site 2018

The arts and crafts of Al Ahsa are part of the agenda of the UNESCO meeting in Italy

Al-Ahsa Municipality will participate in the 13th annual meeting of the member cities of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network, which will be held from 9 to 15 June 2019 in Fabriano, Italian, in the presence of deans and representatives from 180 creative cities from 72 countries around the world. The role of creativity and culture to achieve the goals of sustainable development 2030 issued by the United Nations. The participation comes with the support of the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs

Al Ahsa cloak and dates attract representatives of creative cities in China

The representative of member cities of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network met at the Al-Ahsa Creative Center at The 8th China Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo, on Friday, April 19, 2019. He was a member of the global network of creative arts and crafts at the initiative of Al-Ahsa Municipality . At the same exhibition, the "Men's Abaya" was the focus of the participants' admiration. The creativity and skill in the abaya was attractive to them, expressing their delight in taking comm

Al Ahsa presents its creative experience in the arts and crafts in China

Al-Ahsa Mayor, Eng. Adel bin Mohammed Al-Mulhem left for The 8th China Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry Expo, the capital of handicrafts and folklore in the world, as a member of the global network in the creative field of handicrafts and folk arts initiated by the municipality of Al-Ahsa. The forum will include a conference and exhibition in which Al Ahsa will share some of its distinctive craft products, as well as a panel discussion to discuss ways of enhancing communication and coo

Al Ahsa creative recreates the folk arts amid a broad presence

In an exceptional phenomenon, more than 15,000 visitors arrived on Thursday, March 21, 2019, packed with the treasures of the Al Ahsa Heritage Citadel to watch the shows of folklore and handicrafts within the Al Ahsa creative festival. In the squares of the citadel, the colors of the popular folk arts race to present their performances, where visitors receive the Water of roses. While the voice of the "Psalm" is high, announcing the beginning of an art known as its beautiful art, and its words

Al Ahsa Creative Retrieves history Cross Handicrafts and Folk Arts

Al-Ahsa Creative Festival for handicrafts and folklore, in the center of Al-Ahsa Heritage Castle, as part of a series of activities offered by the Eastern Province in 2019. The festival is organized by Al-Ahsa municipality, as part of the objectives of the Eastern season aimed at introducing the ancient heritage and civilization that the region stores and transmitting it to future generations. The Eastern season is also a valuable opportunity to introduce the rich history of Ahsa and the old po

Wife of the Prince of the eastern region opens "Abeer Al Ahsa" Fine Art Exhibition

Her Highness Princess Abeer Bint Faisal Bin Turki Al Saud, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Eastern Region Council for Social Responsibility, opened the Abeer Al Ahsa Fine Arts Exhibition, entitled "Multiple Directions for One City" in Al Ahsa Dates Marketing Festival. Her Highness Princess Abeer affirmed that the exhibition reflects the diversity of the eastern region in the field of folklore, with the presence of more than 100 works of art that seeks to consolidate the plastic art

35 thousand conclude the third edition of "Al-Qaisariya Market Festival"

The visit of the 35,000 visitors was concluded in the third edition of Al-Qaisariya Market Festival, in cooperation with Al-Ahsa Governorate, for three days. The festival coincided with the selection of Al-Ahsa as the capital of Arab Tourism 2019. And its membership in the global creative cities network of UNESCO in the field of creative handicrafts and folk arts, and witnessed the corridors of the market and its grounds to establish several events and programs to enhance the status of Ahsa

10 thousand visitors challenge the winter of Al - Ahsa in the middle of of Al-Qaisariya festival

In the historical icon of Ahsa, more than ten thousand visitors crowded into the mud-brick walls of the Al-Qaisariya market. They were greeted by the tunes of the drums and the songs of the ancient peasants. The sounds of the original folklore expressing victory and joy amid the historic hufov echoed a heritage, cultural and social scene. The atmosphere of the winter cold, amid the many activities organized by the municipality of Al-Ahsa in cooperation with the province of Al-Ahsa and the Genera

Al-Qaisariya Festival in conjunction with the selection of Al Ahsa (Capital of Arab Tourism)

Al-Ahsa Municipality, in cooperation with Al-Ahsa Governorate, the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, will launch on Thursday, January 9, 2019 and for 3 days the Qaisarya Market Festival in the market corridors and squares. The capital of Arab tourism 2019, in addition to being a world heritage site and a member of the network of creative cities of UNESCO in the creative area of ​​handicrafts and folklore, adding that the festival will include the establishment of many event

Cultureal days in Al-Ahsa embrace creativity amidst the melodies of authentic singing

A series of "Cultural Days" events in Al-Ahsa have been in the process of attracting visitors and pioneers for creativity through many works, visual arts And dialogue evenings and authentic Al-Ahsa experiments organized by the General Authority for Culture to host Al-Ahsa Municipality in the center of "Heritage Castle" which will be until December 30th. Also, the event place have different nature, where its yards are surrounded by heritage buildings, and aesthetics that give a distinctly popula

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