Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

Al Ahsa Creative Retrieves history Cross Handicrafts and Folk Arts

Al-Ahsa Creative Festival for handicrafts and folklore, in the center of Al-Ahsa Heritage Castle, as part of a series of activities offered by the Eastern Province in 2019.
The festival is organized by Al-Ahsa municipality, as part of the objectives of the Eastern season aimed at introducing the ancient heritage and civilization that the region stores and transmitting it to future generations. The Eastern season is also a valuable opportunity to introduce the rich history of Ahsa and the old popular activities. UNESCO World Heritage List, selected as the capital of Arab tourism for 2019
In a folk winter atmosphere, the tunes of the ancient peasants, the visitors of Al-Ahsa, create the original folk songs in a heritage, cultural and social scene through the mud walls of the citadel's traditional shops. Forty handcrafts tell stories and stories of Al-Ahsa's life spanning hundreds of years, ending through the "Hassawi house", which embodies the reality of the old Hassawi life, which includes the life of the old family with their possessions and effects, in an atmosphere that smelled of the past.
While the nostalgia and attachment to the past, Many young men and women from al Ahsa revive the handicrafts emanating from the ancient heritage, to see young people practicing these professions with their parents in the center of the shops of the traditional heritage, The festival witnessed an unusually large attendance in the social and economic scene in Al Ahsa, and achieve the goal of raising the culture and Preserving the handicrafts and heritage value of Al-Ahsa history records.
The festival came to preserve the historical and heritage of Al-Ahsa and to boast about it. In addition to enhancing the municipality objectives in preserving heritage and folklore, Al-Ahsa extended membership to join UNESCO's global creative cities network, Handicrafts and folk arts as the first Gulf city and the third in Arab cities, The mayor of Al-Ahsa Municipality, Eng. Adel Bin Mohammed Al-Mulhem, said.
added that Al-Ahsa's membership in the global cities is a positive indicator of Al Ahsa Internationally, Which was achieved through registration within the list of urban heritage in UNESCO, and chosen Al Ahsa as the capital of Arab tourism for 2019


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