Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

Al Ahsa cloak and dates attract representatives of creative cities in China

The representative of member's cities of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network met at Al-Ahsa Creative Center at the 8th China Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Expo, on Friday, April 19, 2019. Considering Al Hasa as a member of the global network of creative arts and crafts at the initiative from Al-Ahsa Municipality.
At the same exhibition, the * Hasawi style Bisht  "was the focus on it in the expo from the participants' admiration. The creativity and skill in the *Bisht* was attractive to them, expressing their delight in taking commemorative pictures beside him. He stood in the front of the corner of Al Ahsa and described its handicrafts and products as an economic industry with social depth.  Al-Ahsa municipality presented models of other handicrafts such as the palm wicker fan, the palm-tree cage, and a piece of sado, a carpentry sculpture, and Arabic characters, which impressed the participants.
The representative of Al-Ahsa delegation in the meeting said that the Municipality's keenness to participate internationally to enhance the heritage, tourism and cultural aspects through exchanging international experiences and developing handicrafts in Al-Ahsa and instilling these concepts through raising awareness of the importance of Al Ahsa national heritage, .
In another Chinese city on the same day, Al-Ahsa participated in the arts and crafts exhibition in Weifang City, China, represented by the creative coordinator of the creative cities network, Eng. Ahmed Al-Matar, who confirmed that Al-Ahsa owns more than 60 different handcrafts and 12 folklore, stating that  Al Ahsa Municipality in partnership with the concerned government agencies, seeks to sustain, develop and transmit handicrafts for future generations, as well as the colors of the folk arts that were known about the history of Al Ahsa heritage.


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