Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

Al Ahsa creative recreates the folk arts amid a broad presence

In an exceptional phenomenon, more than 15,000 visitors arrived on Thursday, March 21, 2019, Al Ahsa Heritage Citadel overcrowded to watch the shows the folklore and handicrafts within the Al Ahsa creative festival.
In the yards of the citadel, the folklores present their performances, where visitors receive the Water of roses over their head and other popular folklores.
While the voice of the "oboe" is high, announcing the beginning of an art known as( Laboh) its known by beautiful art, and lyrics , which the visitors overcame and memorized the words of the song , mixing with the sea and palm In the form of interaction with lovers of folk arts.
In another corner, more than fifty men stand in opposite rows, performing the popular dance known as ( Ardah ) through the rhythm of the drums, chanting slogans of joy and victory, singing and dances, raising their swords, expressing their joy.
lute and the violin performers at the corners of the festival lead you to the theater in the Central of Al Ahsa creative, to playing the tunes of the music, the ancient art known as "Majilis", which was known for the heritage of Al Ahsa and its association with weddings and happy celebration events, led by a poet and artist from Al Ahsa to recreate the old art and songs Popular to keep them from extinction and revive.


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