Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

Participation in the 12th meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in Poland

Al-Ahsa has affirmed the continuity of achieving the objectives of sustainability in the development of handicrafts and folklore, through several operational projects and cultural ideas that will preserve the stock of historical heritage owned by Al-Ahsa. Members of UNESCO's network of creative cities in the cities of Krakow-Katowice, Republic of Poland.
The meeting, which will last until June 15, opened in Krakow in the presence of Katowice Mayor Marcin Karuba and UNESCO Deputy Director-General for Culture, Ernesto Aton.
During the meeting, the Heads of Municipalities of the world's creative cities were introduced to convey their experiences and innovative solutions to sustainable development in order to achieve the United Nations goals in UNESCO's Innovative Cities Network.
Al-Ahsa's creative coordinator at UNESCO, Eng. Ahmed Al-Matar, participated in a paper presenting Al-Ahsa's experience in utilizing natural assets such as the Palm, the best ways and sustainable solutions to maintain the creative crafts produced by Al-Ahsa through many programs and projects.
Al-Mattar stressed that handicrafts in Al-Ahsa are creative industries among the means used to achieve economic, social and environmental development in the region.
"Since the network of creative cities has a role in mobilizing a wide variety of cities, from large cities to small cities, it is a place to share and share experiences in the first place, in order to create cities of the future," said Ernesto Aton Ramirez, mayor of Karáków. The Network is also a unique platform to support and strengthen the work of member cities at the local and international levels to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan. "
During the first and second day of the meeting, seven separate meetings were held for creative cities in the fields of handicrafts, folklore, digital art, design, film, culinary arts, literature and music.
It should be noted that the Creative Cities Network was established in 2004 to provide a creative urban government and achieve sustainable urban development. Today, the network includes 180 cities in 72 countries.

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