Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

Participation in the first annual meeting of member cities of the Creative Cities Network in Paducah

Al-Ahsa Municipality participated in the first annual meeting of the member cities of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network in the field of handicrafts and folk arts in Paduca, the creative city of Kentucky, USA, on 23-27 September 2017. In the creative field at the initiative of Al Ahsa Municipality.
The meeting dealt with a number of development axes on creative cities and tourism opportunities, which were addressed by a number of specialists and those interested in the field of development and development, after which a number of Creative cities reviewed their experiences in consolidating the concept of cultural tourism and sustainability of creativity. (Presenting Al Ahsa as a renewed cultural scene) presented by the representative of the delegation - Mayor of Al-Ahsa - Eng. Adel Bin Mohammed Al Melhem, started by congratulating the wise leadership and the Saudi people on the occasion of the National Day.
Al-Mulhem said that the accumulated historical depth of Al-Ahsa's heritage and the development of culture and its interconnectedness through the centuries and civilizations of humanity spanning more than 7000 BC, and the governments of ancient countries ruled the region centuries ago by the Canaanite and Chaldean tribes and then ruled by the Arab tribes, Success is at the local and regional level. It is the largest oasis of dates in the world. It is located on the largest oil field in the world, with its environmental, social and cultural diversity. It combines agriculture, desert, sea and mountain, which produced a rich cultural heritage. wonderful creative, especially in the field of handicrafts and folk art, to contain tourist elements and helped site Ahsa strategic Bmgeortha for (the banks of the Arabian Gulf) on the tourist movement in which growth and positive impact on the economic, social and cultural mobility problem of the cultural dimension of the region.
The Al Ahsa creative coordinator in UNESCO, Eng. Ahmed Al-Matar said that Al-Ahsa boasts a number of heritage sites that have been rehabilitated and restored to work to sustain the preservation of heritage, in addition to a number of natural and tourist sites that made Al-Ahsa one of the main tourist destinations in the Kingdom.
While the correspondent of The Economist magazine, Mr. Medellin Bredo, a panel discussion on economic development and urban revitalization using arts and culture.
The Mayor of Paducah, Mrs. Brandy Harles, conveyed congratulations and congratulations on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the occasion of the National Day. She said that Al-Ahsa has a wealth of international initiatives and activities such as entering the Guinness Booklet twice (the longest interactive fountain in the world) in addition to its prominent role in the network of members of the creative cities in the field of handicrafts and folklore, which gives the big thing to the rest of the cities for the depth of possession of a long heritage treasure was able to pass from generation to generation, evidence of the presence of handicrafts and folklore, which Its history dates back hundreds of years.

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