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The Al-Ahsa Festival of Crafts and Folklore organized by the Municipality of Al-Ahsa in the heritage village of Al-Ahsa restored the memory of its visitors for many long years by reviving folklore, promoting cultural mobility in the field of crafts and arts and highlighting the possibilities of creative creativity on an international level.
Where the activities of the festival witnessed the establishment of old folk games and the life and participation of visitors, and has been working on the presentation of the popular games, and scenes from Mutawa, which was the children of the old generation keen on them in their daily lives, and aims to popular games to focus and accuracy and create a spirit of competition between players, Communicate with others, as well as introduce visitors to the ancient folklore that was the source of our ancestors' livelihood.
As the festival embodied the role of "Al-Akefa" in the past, Fathia Al-Meryhel, 36, played this role. In the past, there were no "women's concerns" to decorate the bride. And the women were returning to their wives after a long journey, and the women were wearing the akva and put them herbs and oils useful for hair and they use wooden combs.
In addition to this, the night of "Henna the Bride" is presented in ancient times with all the details of the traditional songs, the bride's clothes and the old scenes that embody the sides of the place. This role is embodied by Mariam Al-Shareida, 38 years old. This made the elderly hide among the corners of the place to retrieve their memories of the era of The past lived in that beautiful time, while children and girls were amazed at how simple that night had been and how it had changed at the moment.
The festival includes more than 40 popular crafts such as "blacksmiths and saffars, silver molding, metal and sand making, drum making, pottery, cages, carpentry, needlework, sewing, raffish, mulayef, seals, sculpture and mill."
The festival aims to promote the old professions and crafts that are still practiced to the present or the end, which is a bridge to connect the ancient past with our present. It is a character that embodies the originality of parents and grandparents and reminds us of their glorious history and creative human creativity. In a time of lack of modern means of communication.

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