Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

35 thousand conclude the third edition of "Al-Qaisariya Market Festival"

The visit of the 35,000 visitors was concluded in the third edition of Al-Qaisariya Market Festival, in cooperation with Al-Ahsa Governorate, for three days. The festival coincided with the selection of Al-Ahsa as the capital of Arab Tourism 2019. And its membership in the global creative cities network of UNESCO in the field of creative handicrafts and folk arts, and testify the corridors of the market and its grounds to establish several events and programs to enhance the status of Ahsa tourism, heritage and cultural folklore of Al_ahsa. as well as the participation of handicraft artisans and a number of a visual artistic to express about the heritage and cultural of Al_ahsa and other things, historical and popular activities.
Al-Ahsa Municipality stressed that the festival and the continuity of its organization annually represents one of the initiatives of the community of the municipality and its contribution to the tourism activation of Al-Ahsa and to enhance its objectives in preserving heritage and folklore.


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