Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

10 thousand visitors challenge the winter of Al - Ahsa in the middle of of Al-Qaisariya festival

In the historical icon of Ahsa (Al-Qaisariya), more than ten thousand visitors crowded into the mud-brick walls of Al-Qaisariya market. They were greeted by the tunes of the drums and the songs of the ancient peasants. Where the sounds of the original folklore expressing victory and joy amid the historic Hofuf echoed a heritage, cultural and social scene. In defying the harsh winter atmosphere, amid the many activities organized by the municipality of Al-Ahsa in cooperation with the province of Al-Ahsa and the General Authority for Tourism.
Al-Qaisariya market is transformed into something like a wedding, through its colorful lighting, which is formed on its lofty gate, mud walls and its smells of the past, to tell the stories and tales of the heritage inherited from Al Ahsa over hundreds of years through its iconic urban icon, through her old social life.
The Mayor of Al-Ahsa Municipality, Eng. Adel Al-Mulhem, stressed that Al-Qaisariya Market Festival is an affirmation of the continuation of the tourism offer in the preservation of cultural and Heritage storage, Al-Ahsa is the capital of Arab tourism 2019, In addition to its universality as heritage place in UNESCO and a member of UNESCO's network of creative cities in the field of handicrafts and folklore, Which gives her the importance and responsibility in the continuity of the tender and tourist attraction, to be a platform for heritage in east of our precious kingdom.
He added that the market is the largest market in the Arabian Gulf region, even at the level of modern standards, remains a commercial center despite the urban growth around it and the existence of modern markets.
The total area of the market is estimated at about 7000 square meters, with 420 shops. The construction of Al-Qaisariya market comes with an architectural design that represents a unique model on the Arabian Peninsula, in the form of rows of shops, interspersed with a network of cross-crosswalks that cross either side of the market or from its frontispiece. The architectural design of Al-Qaisariya was not on Al-Ahsa, but it is linked to the general urban fabric and one of the features of the Al-Ahsa architectural identity.


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