Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

Al-Qaisariya Festival in conjunction with the selection of Al Ahsa (Capital of Arab Tourism)

Al-Ahsa Municipality, in cooperation with Al-Ahsa Governorate, the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, will launch on Thursday, January 9, 2019 and for 3 days, (the Qaisarya Market Festival) in the market corridors and yards. The capital of Arab tourism 2019, in addition to being a world heritage place and a member of the network of creative cities of UNESCO in the creative area of handicrafts and folklore, adding that the festival will include the establishment of many events and programs that strengthen the status of Al-Ahsa tourism, heritage and culture, and folklore, participation of artisans and handicrafts, popular games that will revive its activities among the market alleys) and other heritage, historical and other popular activities in a traditional atmosphere in Al-Qaisariya market, The historical city of Hofuf and the municipality of Al-Ahsa treats it as one of the most important tourist attractions of the region, as well as the commercial weight. This is evident from the municipality's adoption of a development program for the surrounding area and the enrichment of the architectural symbols supporting the Architectural place and urban place, and those symbols, rebuild part of the fence, the gate of Kout (door opening), gate blacksmiths And other landmarks with a visual value for the tourist attraction, with a total of 422 shops
Al-Mulhem stressed that the festival represents one of the municipal initiatives and its contribution to the tourist activism of Al-Ahsa and to enhance its objectives in preserving heritage and folklore, With the support and attention of His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Nayef, Prince of the Eastern Region, and His Royal Highness Prince Ahmed Bin Fahd Bin Salman, and His Highness Prince Badr Bin Mohammed bin Jlawi, Governor of Al Ahsa.


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