Al-Ahsa Creative City of crafts & Folkart

Cultureal days in Al-Ahsa embrace creativity amidst the melodies of authentic singing

A series of "Cultural Days" events in Al-Ahsa have been in the process of attracting visitors and pioneers for creativity through many works, visual arts And dialogue evenings and authentic Al-Ahsa experiments organized by the General Authority for Culture to host Al-Ahsa Municipality in the center of "Heritage Castle" which will be  until December 30th. Also, the event place have different nature, where its yards are surrounded by heritage buildings, and aesthetics that give a distinctly popular character.
The program continues to offer a wide range of workshops, including the workshop on Arabic crafting on wood, the Arabic calligraphy workshop, the telephone photography workshop, the children's workshop, and the drawing education workshop.
He also presented an evening for a mixture of poetry and melody of the song, presented by poet Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh Mubarak and the participation of artist Akram Al-Matar and the oud player Mohammed Al-Hudairi, while the evenings continue until the end of the program days, in addition to performances of popular folk art " A collection of works by Al Ahsa artists, including sculptures, guiding boards and other distinctive works.
The events are part of the intensive activities of the General Authority for Culture to increase the local cultural mobility and ensure the participation of the greatest number of Saudi innovators, based on their interest in local talent and the belief that they should be able to reach the public through free and quality cultural events in each part of the Kingdom.


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